Monday, April 30, 2012

Anatomy & Posture Clinic

Today we started the anatomy lecture with Dr. P. OMG He was so funny and his lecture is very interesting. Especially when the way he emphasizes what materials are being tested.
Just before we were signing for the night lecture, we found out there was a change of plan and instead we had posture clinics. While waiting for the room to open, I found Dr. P giving out correction on spine. I went to give it a try. He cracked my back! haha it felt awesome afterwards and felt loosen up a bit.

Our first posture clinic was backward bending & hands to feet pose. We were divided into groups, each group consists of 20 people. Two groups will be assigned to a room each posture clinic. I was about 15th person to go up. I would recommend those to head up as soon as possible as when you sitting down listening to other people. You might hear mistakes and words that are not in the dialogue that other people said. This confuses me and made me worry. SO just go and don't think too much. My 6 months + practice dialogue paid off. The feedback was "Have you been teaching already?". I was surprised and happy that I got such an awesome feedback. Now more pressure is on! I have to keep it up with the rest of the dialogue.

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