Saturday, June 16, 2012

9 weeks OVER!

OMG this past final week went by extremely fast. Bikram went through all the postures with us during lectures. He actually didn't make up stay up too late except for the last movie night. Yesterday was the day that everyone was waiting for. We had Rajashree taught us in the morning and of course Boss taught the FINAL class. The class was packed with visitors (family and friends), visiting teachers and staff. When Boss finished signing 1000 books, he walked in at 6pm. Everyone cheered and few beach balls were being tossed around. The 90 min went by quick. Everyone was pumping up for the final breathing. Once the Boss said "That's Enough" for the breathing. Everyone CHEER and Stood up, clapping and hugging each other. Then Boss played Disco music. Everyone started to find their friends and hugging and cheering that "We DID IT!" Total Emotional Release! We are finally becoming Bikram Yoga Certified Teachers!

Looking back this 9 weeks in LA. I became more independent and took care of myself. However, I have to give a big thanks to my new friends that I met here. They were all extremely supportive and especially when I was sick, they took care of me. Besides studying and lectures, I had fun, seriously, I did. I was able to visit places that I have never been before (Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach...etc) Very thankful that my family and friends back home supported me because without their financial and emotional support I would not be here BYTT Spring 2012. You'll never know what will happen in the future but live in the moment and enjoy 100% of it.

Friday, June 08, 2012

1 more week!

Finally week 8 is over! This was a long week for us because we did not have last weekend off. Although, we had an awesome week 8! First, demo team were picked, and many of my friends made into the team! I did not try out because I know what level I am. We had a pizza party yesterday night followed by full night of dancing with the Boss. Yogis DO know how to party!!! We were all sweating and our shirts were drenched. We danced to recent pop music as well as Michael Jackson, ABBA, and of course BOLLYWOOD musics! It was awesome, the lecture room was turned into a dance club. One thing is in stead of alcohol, we had pops! LOL. No Alcohol during TT! Today is Friday and we had the NIGHT OFF after the 5pm class because the hotel needs both Yoga room and the lecture room to setup for this weekend's World Yoga Championship. Tomorrow I will do my last weekend shopping in LA then sunday will watch the Finalist! Week 9 here we GO!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

No Break until next weekend

Because the heater problem, we had to make up the few missed classes over the week 7 weekend. And the classes were HOT, lots of people had to sit out (including me). I feel sorry for those people who already made plans for the weekends such as attending a wedding, flying home, tours..etc. They either have to cancel or push it forward to next week. I planned a Group dinner with my group mates (my work habit finally come into play). We had a wonderful dinner (I hope everyone think so) at Ayara, a Thai restaurant near by. It is best to make reservation on the weekends as that place tends to be very busy.

I believe Bikram will start his lectures about each postures and Rajashree will go into more depth about her lectures as well. Also next week, there will be Yoga Championship at the hotel! 2 more weeks left!