Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Classes going off schedule

It is week 7 now! Starting to see the finish line! However, this week started off with classes going off schedule! First we had 1/2 Monday off because it was Memorial Day. We had awesome pool party! Today's morning class was not hot at all. When we were about to sign in for the 5pm class, we were notified the class was cancelled. At night, Bikram told us that the next day morning class will be cancelled too. And the reason was, a trainee reported to the fire department about us suffering in the hot room. The fire department came to inspect and all the taped doors were off taped and the exit signs in the hot room were put it back on. Boss was not at all happy about this situation and he kicked the trainee out of the training. WOW. I wonder how the person got the gut to do such a thing.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hot Hot Hot

BY teacher Re certification started today. OMG  ‎420 trainees + 120 recert. teachers + some visiting teachers / staff + 1 Bikram = the hottest class yet so far at TT. Heard it was 120 degree F / 48 degrees C! It was HELL~ Also the posture clinics' pace is getting faster! Need to review my dialogue over the weekend. But wait I have to enjoy my Saturday because... going to watch Cirque du Soleil Iris at Kodak theater. Actually it will be my first time ever visit Hollywood area in LA!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bikram & Rajashree are back

Yesterday was the first day we had Rajashree (Bikram's lovely wife) as our yoga instructor. She had been traveling around the world to host seminars. Her voice was so soothing and her jokes were very funny. I enjoyed her class very much! She is one of those teachers that could kill you with her lovely voice in the 90 min class. Talking about voice, yesterday my posture clinic feedback was I know how to smile and kill people at the same time in a 90 min class. Awesome! LOL The instructor was telling me to help people and share my smiling skill to those who are struggling with having fun and delivering the dialogue at the same time. ^_^

Also last night was Boss' first lecture night after his trip. He was so nice he let us off early at 11:30ish. It is week 5 and it is the half way point today! just 4.5 more weeks to go! WOOHOO! I believe Hell's Week starts next week? LOL

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Week 5 coming up!


This past week, we continued our anatomy and posture clinics when Bikram is away. He is coming back this week! Hell's week coming up. Just before that started, my friend and I found a way to relax. Headed to Santa Monica Beach! The #3 bus at the LAX bus station took us all the way there! No transfer! We had brunch at the pier's mexican restaurant, then walked around the Pier e is an amusement park (actually for kids). It was a bit windy and cloudy today when we were at the beach. We studied Anatomy and our dialogue for a bit. We headed back up the main streets and found ourselves at the Promanade shopping district! By then the sun came out and it was shopping time. I got a couple of socks and a couple of shirts. Very good deal! Now in preparation for Week 5!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Week 3 Down!

We had an extremely hot Saturday morning class this week. There were always people leaving the hot room, sometimes 5-6 people at a time! I had trouble doing some of the postures as well, but I tried my best and remain in the room even if I am just lying down. At the end of class, the instructor told us to remain in the room; however, a lot of people ignored her and left anyway. This left me think about the respect and discipline we are here to learn during TT.

I know many of us struggled but can we not remain in savasana for another 2 min when we have already gone through 90 min? Some people say that we cannot make people stay in the room. I agreed but what about the discipline as teachers soon-to-be should have? How can we set the examples for our future students? We cannot the room before Bikram does, then should we not at least give similar respect to the visiting teachers?

As for today, my friend and I went to Venice Beach in the morning for brunch till afternoon. We took the #3 Big Blue Bus from the LAX Bus Center to Venice Blvd+Lincoln Street and transfer to #33 Metro Bus. Please be sure you purchase a transfer fare when you board the #3 Blue Bus. So you don't have to pay the regular fare when you get on #33. There were so many people at Venice Beach, lots of merchants and booths. We stayed at the beach to do some postures and enjoying the sunshine. Some people rather stayed in the hotel to study. I would suggest, GO OUT & STUDY! It's so much more enjoyable! We are already stuck inside the hotel Mon-Fri! We need fresh air! Weekend is the moment we enjoy the real LA!