Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bollywood Movie & TT

We watched our first Bollywood movie in TT last night after the 5pm class. But before that, we had a mini lecture with the training nurse. She stressed to us the importance of maintaining a good balance diet with balanced hydration. Don't over drink and don't do not drink. She said the first couple of weeks might feel cramps in our body, but that is absolutely normal because our body is not used to do doubles everyday. So do not think we are lacking electrolytes. We also have to be careful of supplements we take because for example, Magnesium in Emergen C are laxative and might cause diarrhea.

The movie started shortly after Boss came and it's called Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. Everyone brought snacks during the movie because the staff permitted it. However, no sleeping during the movie. Bikram wanted us to learn Indian culture from the movies. The movie went to 1:30am. Lacking sleep!

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  1. good to know about overdoing the EmergenC I hate wind removing when I'm not....uh clear.

    Congrats to you for surviving your first week of BKTT. Wishing you a relaxing weekend in LA which looks to be a sunny one!