Sunday, April 15, 2012

Registration & Orientation

Today is the day of Registration & Orientation, but before that, a group of us took the $5 Ocean Express Trolley ride to Whole Foods for some grocery shopping. As I know that the store is quite pricey therefore, I did not get tooo much stuff there. On our way to the store, we passed by Manhattan Beach, gotta visit that place when I have time! 

Registration started at 1pm and lots and lots of us started to line up by alphabetical order of our last names. We double checked if our names and address are correct, if so, then we were given the course materials. During registration, I also purchased the laminated version of the dialogue. There were 2 sizes, one is pocket size one is half of A4. I picked the half of A4 because the pocket size is just too small! The Bikram Yoga Boutique was also setup during registration for buying water bottles, mats, clothes, CDs...etc. I bought a Black water bottle cuz I have forgotten my big blue Klean Kanteen at home. >_< Meanwhile waiting for the 3pm orientation, I took a sneak peak at our yoga room. Quite big!

The orientation lasted about 1.5 hours. Basically talked about what to expect and the policies and rules during the whole TT. Bikram's daughter gave the welcoming speech, but unfornately Bikram is not here, he will be doing his welcoming speech tomorrow in his lecture! It is confirmed that we have 424 trainees for this training!!! After orientation, we had a free buffet dinner at the hotel great food! Then my roommate and I went to Ralphs to get the rest of our week's supplies of groceries. Maybe we will hit Trader Joe's next time. 

Tomorrow is the big DAY!

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  1. So bummed you left your klean canteen at home. I can only imagine how much expense and preparation you put into all of this. I'm an insane packer and I would have been very very bummed.