Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hot Yoga + Half Moon

The first class with Bikram was brutal, actually up until now still is LOL. I find that i did much better in the morning class than the evening classes. Every inche of my body muscles are screaming in pain! I drank Vega Recovery Accelerator after each class to help my body to recover faster. So far its not working yet, but I will keep drinking, maybe I will see the effect after a couple more days. Before the morning classes, because I cannot eat much, I drank Miso soup, an advice I got from my yoga buddy back in Richmond. I think maybe that's why I did better in morning's. I got the instant Miso from Ralph's, but I asked my new friend who is from the local area to help me get some miso paste. My advice to those who are reading this blog and who is planning to come for future trainings, DO make new friends because seriously helping eachother is very important to make the 9 weeks journey much easier! Don't worry if you don't remember everyone's names. There are 400 of us, just try your best.

After morning class, we have a lunch break. Eve though it said its 2 hours long, usually is less because either the class run over time or after prep cooking and eating, we had to sign-in for the lectures at 12:00pm. Yesterday, we started delivering Half-Moon in front of the Boss. Everyone was super supportive and helpful. The Boss was very nice and his feedbacks are very useful! I delivered mine during the night lecture. The Boss said my problem was lacking personality when delivering the dialogue. He said I am like an auto pilot which the dialogue was excellent but the personality part will take time to develop.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey! I'm sure the personality part will come together after some practice of presenting the dialog in front of other people. You have the advantage that you already know a good amount of dialog!

    Greetings from Michigan!

  2. Think the personality part is a common thing for us Asians? bktt sounds like it's going great so far!!