Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pre-TT Meet & Greet

I had an awesome day today! Thanks to Marty (Trainee from Langley Studio) setup a Pre-TT  Meet & Greet for as many Vancouverite trainees as possible (5 of us showed up) to gather at the Burnaby Studio (Thanks to Esther, the owner for letting us meet-up and taking her class). It was nice to finally meet someone whom you started just chatting and exchange ideas over fb. We received much advices and support from Esther. She told us about the "Operational Command" method for helping us on nailing the dialogue. This method is to pick out key points in each posture and many corrections we do are based on repetition of the key points. Learned something new and useful today! As for us the trainees, we chatted before and after class about thinking what its gonna be like in TT. What didn't know what questions to ask Esther because we didn't know what is there to expect. Well we'll know in a month!

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  1. That's so nice of this studio. What a wonderful Bikram community you all seem to have in Vancouver.