Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hot Class

Tonight's Yoga class was very hot, once I hit the floor, the floor seems to be burning! Does TT feels like this 24/7?

I've been browsing at our Spring TT FB group. Lots of comments and suggestions on how to maintain a balanced diet during TT. The information were very helpful, but I would have to be honest that I would take those as recommendation but not follow thru with it 100%. Each person is different and their diet and appetite is different. Some people say eat lots of nuts and yogurts. I would eat those as treats. Bananas are good and I would eat those lots as I do like bananas. My friend told me Miso soup is great during TT. I would follow with that as I like Miso too. Therefore, my conclusion is take bits and pieces from different suggestions and just combine and alter them that fits my own taste.

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