Sunday, March 04, 2012

This & That

I have resumed my 4x practices and each time until the middle of the class, I think to myself I HATE THIS YOGA, when is the class gonna end.
But each time as I reach to Half Tortoise I felt AWESOME and had the real strength to finish my class. Yes that's right, Half Tortoise is better than 8 hours of sleep!
Coming back to prep for TT, there were many things the Spring TT group had talked about and everyone was so helpful to each other.

One of the things I worry about is the drink water situation. My ex-manager + instructor told me that he got cramps after drinking a week straight of LA tap water. Then he decided to buy water from Costco. I thought about that too, but without a car, sometimes its hard to carry so much with you back to the hotel. Yes there is shuttle, but with 400 of us there, chances are have to wait long? One of the fb (facebook) group member had a really good point, if we use the ice machine there, mind as well drink tap water!? SO true LOL. Well I got a 10 cup Brita filter pitcher on sale already, mind as well bring it down and use it in my room.

One thing I borrowed from a friend who went to TT last fall was an adjustable camping floor chair. I heard that during TT posture clinics, everyone would be sitting on the floor. As for someone who gets sore back easily by sitting on floor, I think this gadget would help me a great deal! It's design is just like a L shape cardboard with adjustable straps on the side and you can fold up and carry it around. It also fits into my luggage! LOL

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  1. Hey! Consider adding remineralization and electrolytes to your water. They come in in droplets or you can order them in pill form. It is fun to read your posts.