Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Posture Clinic with an instructor

Yesterday I had another hot hot class. Had to sit out in a few of the postures, BUT once I got the energy again, I didn't give up for the rest of the class. After class, I delivered 3 postures to an instructor from Standing head to knee to balancing stick. I was not as nervous as before and this time, the instructor taught me how I should stand and where my arms/hands should go when I am actually teaching. I tend to stand with my feet together and arms on the back. She suggested to stand hip width apart and arms down side. This way it shows more confident in myself also a good posture for sending out the energy. Thanks for the tips!

I read on the FB group that a lot of people are not bother with the dialogue until LA. From my instructors experiences and my own theory, I think to learn the dialogue as much as possible before heading down to TT is the better option. Yes, some people are busy but I think everyone could squeeze in 30 min sometime during their day to read the dialogue. Even the head quarter suggests we learn the dialogue BEFORE we head down is better so we get more time to rest and not stress out at TT

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