Sunday, June 03, 2012

No Break until next weekend

Because the heater problem, we had to make up the few missed classes over the week 7 weekend. And the classes were HOT, lots of people had to sit out (including me). I feel sorry for those people who already made plans for the weekends such as attending a wedding, flying home, tours..etc. They either have to cancel or push it forward to next week. I planned a Group dinner with my group mates (my work habit finally come into play). We had a wonderful dinner (I hope everyone think so) at Ayara, a Thai restaurant near by. It is best to make reservation on the weekends as that place tends to be very busy.

I believe Bikram will start his lectures about each postures and Rajashree will go into more depth about her lectures as well. Also next week, there will be Yoga Championship at the hotel! 2 more weeks left!

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