Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Classes going off schedule

It is week 7 now! Starting to see the finish line! However, this week started off with classes going off schedule! First we had 1/2 Monday off because it was Memorial Day. We had awesome pool party! Today's morning class was not hot at all. When we were about to sign in for the 5pm class, we were notified the class was cancelled. At night, Bikram told us that the next day morning class will be cancelled too. And the reason was, a trainee reported to the fire department about us suffering in the hot room. The fire department came to inspect and all the taped doors were off taped and the exit signs in the hot room were put it back on. Boss was not at all happy about this situation and he kicked the trainee out of the training. WOW. I wonder how the person got the gut to do such a thing.

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