Friday, June 08, 2012

1 more week!

Finally week 8 is over! This was a long week for us because we did not have last weekend off. Although, we had an awesome week 8! First, demo team were picked, and many of my friends made into the team! I did not try out because I know what level I am. We had a pizza party yesterday night followed by full night of dancing with the Boss. Yogis DO know how to party!!! We were all sweating and our shirts were drenched. We danced to recent pop music as well as Michael Jackson, ABBA, and of course BOLLYWOOD musics! It was awesome, the lecture room was turned into a dance club. One thing is in stead of alcohol, we had pops! LOL. No Alcohol during TT! Today is Friday and we had the NIGHT OFF after the 5pm class because the hotel needs both Yoga room and the lecture room to setup for this weekend's World Yoga Championship. Tomorrow I will do my last weekend shopping in LA then sunday will watch the Finalist! Week 9 here we GO!

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