Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bikram & Rajashree are back

Yesterday was the first day we had Rajashree (Bikram's lovely wife) as our yoga instructor. She had been traveling around the world to host seminars. Her voice was so soothing and her jokes were very funny. I enjoyed her class very much! She is one of those teachers that could kill you with her lovely voice in the 90 min class. Talking about voice, yesterday my posture clinic feedback was I know how to smile and kill people at the same time in a 90 min class. Awesome! LOL The instructor was telling me to help people and share my smiling skill to those who are struggling with having fun and delivering the dialogue at the same time. ^_^

Also last night was Boss' first lecture night after his trip. He was so nice he let us off early at 11:30ish. It is week 5 and it is the half way point today! just 4.5 more weeks to go! WOOHOO! I believe Hell's Week starts next week? LOL

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